SHANK 2 Released on 7th February

Okay, guys, after years and years we've waiting, the time is come. The Shank 2 are coming!!

It's just the matter of time before the release of Shank 2 @ 7th February!!!


Shank 2 comes to PSN (North America) and PC on February 7, and XBLA and PSN (Europe) on February 8. And it comes with a better combo system, and more moves. it also support a multiplayer survival mode, that comes with variative costumes.

Shank's Comic

Shank's Comic Books are already release!!!! but The Kli's Entertainment still working on the Distribution. Keep patience, everyoneXD. The comic will tie the first and second Shank story arcs together, and features the art of our very own Jeff Agala and Vangelis Christou.

Shank cover web

Shank's soundtracks

Klei finally released the shank's soundtrack!!!

click here to see it!!!

That's all folks

c ya on next news!!

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